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We supply various types of Machine and raw materials and we also help the customer to produce good quality products. Tej Machinery Engineering is the largest online Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters company in Kolkata. This company supply various types of Machine like. 

1. Hand Press Paper Plate Making Machines.
2. Paper Plate Fully Automatic Machines. 
3. Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machines. 
4. Paper Plate Lamination Machine. 
5. Roll To Roll Cutting Machine. 
6. Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine. 
7. Circle Cutting Machine. 
8. Thermocol Plate Making Machines. 
9. Slipper Making Machines. 
10. Noodles Making Machines. 
11. Kapoor Making Machines. 
12. PET Bottle Making Machines. 
13. Cartoon Punching And Creasing Machine. 

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